Training Facilities

Juarez Driving School is conveniently located in the Pilsen community a few minutes away from the 290 or I-55 expressways. Classes are offered with flexible schedules six days a week. Once class instructions have been successfully completed, we provide our students personalized one on one driving instructions in both courses and open traffic environments in several types of trucks and trailers.

Student Conduct

In the interests of safety and academic achievement, all students are expected to maintain professional behavior at all times. Students may be terminated from the program for any of the following reasons:

  • Malicious destruction or theft of any property.
  • Possession, sale or use of any illegal substances or alcohol during school hours or on school property.
  • Any instance of or threat of physical or verbal abuse towards any student or employee of Juarez Driving School.
  • Failure to maintain cumulative passing grade average.
  • Excessive tardiness.
  • Excessive absenteeism or more than three unexcused absences.
  • Surly or belligerent attitude towards the instructors, trainers, employees or any other students of Juarez Driving School.
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